What do clients have to say?

Below are unsolicited client comments:

"Susan, thanks so much for this. Your way of talking to people makes me wish I had a hundred more [updates] to suggest."
Herb Hiller, director of the Institute of Guidebook Writing

You're wonderful!
Von Brown, MA, CAVNC, (retired) Volunteer Coordinator, Welcome Baby

"Oh happy day!! The website is up and it looks great!"
T. J. Kemball, Program Coordinator, WSU - NCW Learning Center

"You are AMAZING! Thanks for all the thought behind making this work and for your combination of expertise and speed. You are terrific!"
Debi Page Ferrarello, RN, MS, IBCLC - Website Editor, International Lactation Consultant Association

"I have sent our web site URL out to folks and everyone is raving about it. They think it is very simple to get around in (very important) and they love the colors! ..."
Mary Y. Deen, Ph.D., Family & 4-H Youth Development Specialist, Washington State University

"It looks absolutely great. The old style is a classic example of why my wife won't let me dress my kids. Thanks."
Greg Mears, MD, a past president of the NC College of Emergency Physicians

"It looks wonderful! Thanks so much."
Cindy Janssens, a past president of the Society of American Travel Writers

"Thanks, you are one terrific gal!"
Laura Daily, chair of the Western Chapter of SATW